16 September 2005

what do people think I do here?

I just got a call from someone asking for the phone number for the General Medical Council. What??? Try ringing directory enquiries!

I wish that I could block withheld numbers to this phone, so that I can avoid the nutters.

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Shirl said...

Well it's cheaper to ring you than directory enquiries.;o)

You should be like the people in our admin support Womble. I needed details of the office that deals with my HR today. It changes on a regular basis. Having asked round about me no-one knew. Someone suggested phoning our admin support. I got my nose snipped off.

"Ask your line manager" I was told. "She doesn't know either" I replied. "Then use the Intranet. That's what it's for." Thanks a bundle.

Some time later one of us managed to find an HR number carefully hidden on the Intranet and fortunately they were able to tell us which office currently deals with us.

You should take a lesson from this. I know I have.