17 September 2005

going nowhere

I'm pleased to say that I spend the day screwing the balls off my bike. It redlines at 10k, but still pulls. Spent £15 in fuel today, going round Lancashire and Cheshire and thoroughly enjoying myself. I'll be doing more of the same tomorrow.

I think my bike is the only thing that keeps me sane.

Ah well, time for bed. G'night all.


Shirl said...

Just out of curiousity what happened to studying for the exam? You might have got away with saying you went out for a short drive to clear your head but 2 full days is just not on.

C'mon Womble it's not much longer. You can do it.

Womble said...

Stuff the exam. I don't care anymore. I've been studying for 10 years now and I've had enough. I want to live a little, before I'm too old to do it.

I'll aim for the pass mark in the exam and sod the rest.