11 September 2005

Autumn NABDness

Had a belting weekend at the Autumn NABDness rally in Oxfordshire. It was great apart from the rain. Met some really nice people (hello to The Reverend, Tich, Bonehead, Bungle, Andy, & Cory!) and had a good laugh. Tich was a complete star and fixed the electrics on my bike, and The Reverend put up with me being a coarse notherner (despite me being stone cold sober all weekend), so they both deserve medals.

Billy cut his head open, so he went home cos it hurt and I ended up doing the van driving for the weekend, and enjoyed it immensely. Sorry Billy, hope you're feeling better.

Smurf did my head in on the journey home, speeding up and slowing down, so eventually I deserted him on the M6.

I'll post up some pics when I can be bothered. Watch this space

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