16 April 2007

Paranoia rules!

I wish the media would piss off and stop fueling paranoia in the UK. There's news stories today about a firm marketing slash-proof hoodies, to protect paranoid teenagers. Only last week, there was a new mobile phone incorporating a GPS 'bug' designed for little kids, so that parents can track their movement. FFS! They're little kids, the parents should know where they are - either at school or with a parent or minder. Little kids can't be made to carry bloomin' phones - they'd either get left somewhere or not taken out at all.

Get real, folks. Let kids be kids. If they're too young to be left unsupervised, don't give them technology to keep tabs on them - who will you sue when it fails? Parents need to be more responsible for the little ones. The older ones should be set free, not tied down with spy bugs and paranoia.

How the hell did people of my generation ever survive? We used to go off for hours, get mucky, have fun and go home for tea. We didn't need to be tied to our mothers' apron strings all the time.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. None of my kids have a mobile and I know where they all are all of the time, even Johnny who's 14!!

Spikey said...

Burn Them All !!!