26 April 2007

and whilst I'm on the subject of time off work

My rant about smoking also applies, in a way to parents. Just because my colleages have kids and I don't, doesn't mean that I should have to cover all their work when they have to rush off home to see to little Billy's snotty nose or grazed knee.

Yes, I know kids need looking after, I don't have a problem with that, but I don't see why I (or other childless workers) should have to do extra work for no extra pay.

I worked in one place where a lass was constantly being summoned to pick up her child from school, or leaving early to take the child to bloody ballet or swimming class. Everyone was pissed off with it, yet we couldn't do anything about it. I'm sorry, but if you can't work the hours your job specifies, change your hours or get a different job.

A child is, in the main, a lifestyle choice, not a necessity. If you choose to have 'em, you also choose to manoeuvre your life around them. That's fine. Just don't expect me to have to manoeuvre my life around them too. Your kids, your responsiblity and, on occasion, your problem.

I know some people who have given up their jobs completely in order to look after young children. It's not an option for some people, but those I've seen who have done it, have managed to bring order into their lives - not an easy thing to do with kids.

Me, I'm childless by choice. I can do what I want, pretty much when I want and I can keep the bottle of bleach and the box of aspirin wherever I want. So many of my friends whinge about how lucky I am that I can do all the things I do, and I just smile and say "yes". Selfish? Damn right.

Despite my lack of interest in kids I will, of course be happy to babysit for anyone. My rates are £5,000 call-out fee + £1,000 per ten minutes thereafter ;o)


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! Talk about discrimination in the workplace, I am sick of "yummy mummys" using their kids as a "get out of work quick" skive, do I get time off when I just don't feel like going in? NO. But Little Johnny provides the perfect excuse every time for others.

Shirl said...

I total agree as well Womble.

And not only the extras like "little Billy's snoty nose".

I work for the DWP and am sick of having to take up the slack when all the parents of young children are off on their "part year" school breaks. Then when they do come back they still have their holidays to take!

And talk about discrimination. A colleague asked about going part time to help with back problems she has. She was told she could not go part time because she had "no family commitments.

I would say we are a nanny state only we don't have nannies any more just parents.

summer said...

yep I agree too - I didn't work when my kids were young - and when I was a working mother I used to use my holidays if I had to do owt for em - flexi time and shift work helped.

personally I think mothers should take care of their kids and NOT WORK

if you can't afford to give up work don't have kids

poor mites

childcare costs as much as they earn but then they get that paid for my mr blair

priorities are all wrong

like boarding school

if they're going to pay for childcare why not just pay the mothers directly?

no wonder social order is breaking down

Fitaloon said...

I'm always fed up with the non-kid workers who turn up with a sodding hangover after being able to go out for a few pints and getting rat-arsed, they then appear at work in a foul mood and not fit for anything.
Then again that's probably because I'm jealous.