27 August 2005

Why I hate going to London

OK, we'll skip the bit about the 5 hours I spent on trains getting there and back, suffice it to say that it was cramped, hot and uncomfortable. They journey back was made more bearable by the lads in the vestibule having a party on the way back- it cheered me up no end.

Yesterday, I walked from Westminster to Rathbone Place (off Oxford Road). It's only about 2 miles, although I probably walked three miles because I did a couple of detours on the way. Apart from the fact that my foot was killing me by the time I got there, I was extremely peeved at the huge number of moronic pedestrians who seem only to have two speeds: slow and stop. London is full of these gormless dawdlers who don't even have the sense to move when they see an increasingly annoyed Womble stomping towards them in a mission to get to Hobgoblin Music before the place shuts.

One poor pedestrian who decided to stop in the middle of the pavement for no apparent reason was rather startled to hear a very angry "oh for fks sake!" right in their ear, before being unceremoniously moved to one side to allow the rest of the street to get past them.

Oh yeah, and Recess Monkey, you were right - the book shop I wanted was indeed Foyles. It's been refitted and had a new shop front since I was last in there and that's why I missed it when looking for it again. They still didn't have the book I wanted though. Ho hum.

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