20 August 2005

computer strife

Yesterday I suffered from a real PICNIC error (problem in chair, not in computer). I was holding an advice sugery and had downloaded the backup of my case management software onto my USB bar. When I got to the surgery and uploaded the backup onto my laptop, I discovered I'd copied the wrong bloody file - one that was a month old.

In a panic, I sent the slave back to the office with instructions on how to retrieve the correct file. Apart from setting the burglar alarm off, and then coming back and telling me my instructions were 'pants', he said he thought it was OK. He handed me a CD and said "I put it on there". Hmmmm, my PC doesn't have a CD burner... The CD was blank and I was preparing to do the whole damn lot in notepad when he said, oh, and here's your memory thingy back and handed me the USB bar. By some miracle he had actually managed to put the file onto it, and the day was saved.

Hurrah for the slave!

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