27 August 2005

Hurrah for Saparmyrat Niyazov!

Hurrah for Saparmyrat Niyazov, the President of Turkmenistan!

So why do I say this? After all, it is well known that he prefers to spend public money on silly projects rather than on social welfare, closed nearly all of the hospital in Turkmenistan, sanctions heavy-handed censorship of all media, declared himself 'president for life' and has banned men from having beards or long hair.

Well, he has done something that I have been calling for in the UK for many years - he's banned lip-synching (i.e. miming to music), saying "
Don't kill talents by using lip-synching... create our new culture". At last, someone has seen the truth - there are too many talentless so-called entertainers out there, making money on the back of someone else's ability. We should ban it in the UK too.

OK, so he's done one thing I really approve of.

However, he's still a cunt.


Shirl said...

Nice to see you have your priorities Womble.

Deb said...

Oh dear that final statement made me choke with laughter ... nice one Womble ;-)