20 August 2005

torture time

I've not been training for three weeks now and I've decided to bit the bullet and go back to the gym at 12pm. My sparring partner, Cath, has promised to be nice to me. Ha! I'll believe that when I come home with no new bruises/dislocations/broken bones.

I've remembered not to eat a bacon butty for breakfast this time - the last time I did that, it decided to come back up. I've had cocopops today :o) At least it will be more colourful.


Shirl said...
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Shirl said...

Oh Womble I do hope they were gentle with you.

Does this mean we will be back to spending Sunday evenings being entertained by tales of your various bruises and broken bones? ;o)

Womble said...

Sorry Shirl, but yes, the Sunday whinge is back. I've hurt my foot. Again. I'm really not sure how I did it, I ran in for a right-straight, skipped back into right guard ready for a left body kick, but as I skipped, something went crack in my foot and I went down like a ton of bricks. I must be the only fighter to get more self-inflicted injuries than those caused by my opponents. Even Cath heard it go crack, she said it was 'gross'.

The main problem now is that I've got a large lump on the top of my gear-changing foot, and it hurts to articulate my ankle, although I can bear weight on it ok.

I managed to limp through the rest of the class though, so I reckon it'll be OK shortly.

Womble said...

Foot hurts less today, but it was difficult going up the gears. I've got a bruise about 5x3". I don't do things by halves, you know.

Shirl said...

Maybe you'll have to face it that riding a motorbike and getting lumps kicked out of you are incompatible activities.