05 August 2005

Hoax warnings

There really are some thick people out there. Do they really think I want my inbox to be bombarded with stupid messages about e-mail viruses that will cause my toilet to flush whilst I'm in the shower, or make my computer tapdance on the desk?

The latest of these hoaxes claims that if you see a car driving towards you with no lights on, you mustn't flash your lights to warn them because a gang initiation dictates that the occupants of that car will have to shoot you.

Get a grip folks! Don't you think that the BBC would have reported it by now, if it were true? The Authorities don't circulate sensationalist warnings by e-mails telling you to pass it on to all your mates! Bloody hell, get a life! If you believe half of these stupid warnings, you should have your computer confiscated cos you're obviously too gullible to be allowed to have access to the Internet.

Read this, and this and don't send me any more stupid e-mails or I will send you a virus that make your television change channels just at the bit where Inspector Slack asks Miss Marple how she solved the case.

Oh yeah, and don't forget folks, don't eat apple pips in case an apple tree grows in your tummy.


Womble said...

I've now had eight copies of this bloody e-mail, so now I can identify my eight thickest friends ;o)

Sam said...

I used to be scared of eating tomatoes when I was young for that very reason. Scarred. For. Life.