22 July 2005

Top job!

For about three months now, there's been an electrical fault on my bike, which caused all the 'dashboard' lights to flash at random, the fuel guage to show 'extra full' all the time, and the tacho needle to bounce whenever the indicators were on. I figured out for myself that something wasn't earthing, but I'm no spark, so given that the bike is still under warranty, I took it back to the dealer. Three times. Each time, the dealers told me they couldn't find the fault and left me in no doubt that they had no intention of even trying to find and fix it.

Yesterday, on the off-chance, I called in at Tom Yates Autos in Cadishead (M/cr). Tom took off the headlight and, 20 seconds later said "is that working now?" It was. It was a broken wire. It took him less than a minute to fix it. The price? One pint of real ale at the forthcoming Autumn NABDness rally.

So, a lesson learned. Dealers don't give a stuff about vehicles still under warranty. I reckon they just held onto the bike for a few hours each time I took it in, and didn't even bother to try to find the cause of the problem.

Tom Yates is a star.

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