29 July 2005


I was absolutely starving last night, so on my way home, I went to Domino's Pizza for a quick fix. I picked the smallest and cheapest pizza they had (apart from plain cheese & tomato) and it was £8.99! "Bloody hell that's dear!", thought I, I could have had a sit-down meal at the local Italian restaurant for that. At least having a takeaway pizza is better than having to resort to going to MuckDonalds though.

However, I have to say that it was a lovely pizza, even though 11pm is probably not the best time to be eating.


Shirl said...

I didn't realise you could get pizzas with out (whispers) tomatoes (/whispers) at these places Womble. Since you're still standing I presume there were no (whispers) tomatoes (/whispers).

Womble said...

Most places will make them tomato-free if you ask nicely. Pizza Express do a very nice garlicky sauce instead.

Deb said...

Well I'm glad you can get pizza's without toms ... and the garlic sauce sounds yummy :-)