18 July 2005


A bloke has asked us for help in relation to a problem with a group of his employees. We told him that we would need his employees' names and addresses first, so he said he'd provide them. He didn't.

Then he whinged we'd not done anything to help, so we again explained that we needed his employees' names and addresses. He said he'd get them. He didn't.

So he whinged again, and we explained again. Still no names and addresses.

Then he sends a snotty e-mail to my boss complaining that we've not helped. So the boss sends one back saying "give us the names and addresses and we'll help".

So the bloke has now sent a whingey e-mail complaining that no-one is taking his complaint seriously, so he's e-mailed Jack Straw and Tony Blair. Perhaps they'll come round and make him a cup of tea and tell him to calm down. He's still not provided the names and addresses.

Someone get the axe ...

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