17 February 2007

Orange are even more shite than I thought

OK, the story so far:
  • Orange completely ignored my three written complaints about their appalling service;
  • they disconnected me several times, whilst denying that there was any problem with the connection at all;
  • Smurf rang them to cancel the service and get the migration code to transfer to another provider;
  • they gave us the code, apologised profusely and promised us a free month's broadband, and then cut us off a few days later;
  • they rang 3 times to ask why the bill hadn't been paid and we told them that we don't owe them anything, in fact I suspect that they owe us £27.99, because we never got that free month's broadband;
  • they've been told 3 times that Smurf doesn't live here any more and that the broadband service ceased many months ago and that I am now happily with a reliable and friendly ISP.
So what now? They've written to Smurf at my address (remember I told them he no longer lives here) telling him that if he doesn't pay, they'll cut the service off. HELLO? YOU ALREADY DID THAT MONTHS AGO! Yes, I know I'm shouting, but Orange just won't listen. We do not have a service with Orange. We cancelled the service, Orange owe us a month's money. We may take legal action against Orange if they don't piss off and stop harassing us.

Remember folks: Orange Broadband = awful service, even worse customer service, harassment and piss-poor organisation. Do not use Orange Broadband if you value your sanity.

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