17 February 2007

Fecking adverts

Why is it that when you're watching a programme on a commercial channel and the adverts come on, they're so loud that they nearly blow you out of your seat?

Lots of people have asked this question and there have been a few suggested answers. One is that they aren't louder at all. Oh yes they bloody well are! Another is that the programmers assume that you're walking off to go and put the kettle on, so they make it louder so that you still hear it. Well get this - when the adverts come on, more often than not, I hit the mute button cos it's too fecking loud and I can't be arsed pissing around changing the volume all the time. Keep the volume at a normal level and I might leave it on.

Oh yeah, and Woody, you're right mate, the Kia Cee'd advert is most definitely the most annoying advert to date. That's another one I turn off now.


Oz said...

We always get annoyed at that too. Pity the Americans though. If you've ever sat and watched US TV, you'll know they get adverts every 5 minutes and although they might not be louder, they do make your brain dissolve and dribble out through your ears.

Born2bVile said...

Don't get me started on American telly.

I like the wrestling and get peed off when they interupt a match for adverts.

When they had the World Cup in 1994 they wanted to make a football match a game of 4 halves to accomodate adverts.....