27 February 2007

and on the subject of diet...

Maybe the mother of this obsese child should take note too.

She said:

"Connor had a mouthful of apple once and he didn't like it. "He refuses to eat fruit, vegetables and salads - he has processed foods. "When Connor won't eat anything else, I've got to give him the foods he likes. "I can't starve him."

Tough, Mrs. McKeown! He's a child and YOU are responsible for him. Believe me, he won't starve, he has enough stored lard to keep him going for months. Don't buy the crap food in the first place, then he won't have an alternative. He either eats it, or goes hungry. Trust me, he will start to eat the good stuff when he realises there won't be anything else. You'll also find your shopping bills go down too, so you can spend the spare money on new clothes for him as he loses weight.

It's not cruel to deprive him of his so-called 'treats' - it's cruel to allow him to continue the way he is.

Mrs. McKeown, YOU are entirely responsible for your son's condition. Take a step back and look at what you've done and take action now before you condemn him to a very early grave.


Oz said...

How dare you blame the parents! Of course it's the child's fault that he's obese.

Next you'll be insinuating that a lack of discipline in the home leads to the development of ill-mannered louts. Tut!

Womble said...

I wonder what 'Dr' Gillian would think of his poo?

Spikey said...

dont give him a choice, just feed him a good balanced diet. If he dont eat it, he goes hungery. When he's hungery enougth, he'll eat it. Simple really ;o)

Oz said...

NOBODY can produce a poo that Gillian (please call me a doctor) would like.

Exactly. Deprive him of any nutrition so that he develops rickets and can't walk to the chip shop during his school breaks. That'll get him healthy.

Spikey said...

Wonder how many candles he would make?.............

Oz said...

Enough to save one whale from a Japanese harpoon man.

Womble said...

Interesting comment from Anne Diamond

So called ‘diet doctors’ like Gillian McKeith, who presents ‘a menace to public understanding of science,’ ... has built a successful UK television career through her lascivious dissection of the eating habits of the desperate. Shows such as McKeith’s channel 4 series, programmes such as Fat Men Can’t Hunt, and Celebrity Fit Club, are almost pornographic in their capacity to exploit the shame of obese people while titillating the nation.

Womble said...

Oh yeah, and another comment from Anne Diamond

OK, so even if the mother is suffering from depression, does that excuse the condition that she has allowed her son to develop?

I do feel sorry for the lad, he's probably having a thoroughly rotten time.

summer said...

never had fizzy pop or cakes or sweets in the house - yet my son is 17 stone - he's 16 and 6'2"

my eldest two are 'normal' sized

what's the difference?

they have different fathers

my eldest two are like me as is their dad

my youngest is like his dad and his aunt and his granny from that side of the family

all very overweight

so it isn't always down to poor diet and inactivity