23 October 2007

Stolen Bike Alert!

My mate's bike has been nicked in Leeds. If the person who nicked it is reading this, may I suggest that you leave it in a very safe place (perhaps even back where you found it) and notify the Police of its whereabouts, because people are out looking for you, even as I type. Hell hath no fury, etc. etc.

The bike:

Yamaha Virago, reg number G408 WBY
Blue in colour with leather cover on tank
has forward cruiser pegs which are quite unique
has highway hawk clock on barstop
silencer has no baffle in
has renntec sissy bar


Smurf said...

"Quite unique" ?
tsk tsk Womble

Womble said...


Good news though, the bike has been found. Some wiring damage but otherwise OK.