01 October 2007

Fecking Bastards!

"Callous thieves broke into a Northamptonshire man's home as he lay dying in hospital, leaving his friends no way of contacting his family to tell them about his funeral.

Former colleagues and friends of Steve Taylor are now desperately searching for information which could put them in touch with his long lost daughter Candice, who is believed to still live in the county.

When burglars ransacked Mr Taylor's home in Greenaway Close, in Blisworth, they took his laptop computer and various personal items which may have contained clues leading to his family's whereabouts."

I have just read the above on Cernunnos MCC's website and I'm stunned, shocked and upset. To whoever did it, that I hope your genitalia rots and drops off.

Harley Steve was a lovely man, and scum like these thieves deserve to rot in hell as far as I'm concerned.

RIP Steve.

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