03 September 2007

What a wanker!

Fathers 4 Justice have proved, once again, that some of its members are not fit to be parents, because they are mindless idiots who induldge in criminal vandalism. They set a disgraceful example to children and it's hardly surprising that the mothers of their kids don't want them to see them. I certainly wouldn't let any child of mine associate with these yobs who are old enough to know better, and stupid enough not to care.

The Cerne Abbas Giant is a piece of Britain's rich history and for some stupid pillock to deface it just goes to show that these vandals are not fit to be part of our society.

So, to the dickhead who daubed purple paint on the giant: owing to the nature of the paint you used, you have caused what is possibly permanent damage to this historical site. You should be ashamed of yourself and I hope that you are caught and made to work on your hands and knees to try to put right the damage you have caused, and that you are made to pay for any materials used in that clean-up. For you, I would happily bring back the pillory.

I resent the fact that I pay the National Trust to help them to preserve our heritage, only for some dickhead to go and ruin it. I won't stop contributing but believe me, if I ever meet you, my boot will be meeting your arse.

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