10 September 2007

Does your home stink?

I was just wondering, you see. I keep seeing all these advertisements on the TV, with cute little cartoon animals going on about how the latest wonderful air-freshener will squirt earth-polluting chemicals into your home every 20 minutes so that it will mask the stink of your dog, cooking, sweaty feet, etc. and leave you feeling all fluffy and contented, thus assuaging your paranoia about people dropping in unexpectedly and then telling everyone how smelly your house is.

Trust me, you don't need bloody air-fresheners, especially ones with automatic timers. If you want your home to smell nice, try keeping it clean and, if you must, use natural scents, like flowers or herbs.

Every day, I see things for sale that are completely and utterly superfluous. People are wasting money on useless tat, and some of it is wrecking our planet. Please stop buying and using all these nasty chemicals, they really are unnecessary.

1 comment:

Bosun said...

or naturally open a window, and let fresh air in

spot on as ever

now should we get onto diohrea tablets and laxative adverts aaaaaaaaaaaaargh