07 June 2007

Who says money doesn't talk?

So, Paris Hilton has been released from jail after serving only three days, because of an 'undisclosed' medical problem, and will now be under house-arrest at home instead.

Why doesn't Miss Hilton get treated the same as all the other prisoners? Or are you telling me that Los Angeles prison service just sends all prisoners home when they're ill? I bet they don't. Not unless they happen to be celebrity millionaire heiress drink-drivers. I bet some ordinary Joe would get to wait out their illness in their cell, not in the lap of bloody luxury.

And here was me thinking it was just the UK law that was an ass, but no, it seems US law is too.

This lass summed it up right for me, and look at little girl lost's face. She was not happy. Jack Nicholson, however, was laughing his tits off.

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