21 March 2007

Eh? Pardon?

Turn the telly down dear, the adverts are too loud again.

But not for much longer. Despite many of the TV companies denying that the adverts were at a considerably higher volume that the programmes they interrupted, the Advertising Standards Authority received large numbers of complaints. The telly companies appeared to be working on the theory that when the adverts come on, that's when people go and make a brew or go to the loo, so the adverts needed to be louder in order to reach the person in the kitchen. However, what they failed to realise is that most people just hit the mute button to avoid being deafened.

As a result of all the complaints, the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice has told them to turn it down, and the International Telecommunications Union has set some guidelines for 'subjective loudness'.


Now, can they do something about the shouty men in the double glazing adverts (like Cannon & Ball, for a start). It's not good advertising, it's just annoying. I turn those off too, so sorry Mr. Advertiser, I have no intention of buying products from people with irritating adverts.

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