09 March 2007

Castaway 2007

Well, what a disappointment. Castaway 2000 was a superb programme - a bunch of people thrown together on the island of Taransay and left to build a community. The whole point of the experiment was to see how they would deal with the isolation.

Castaway 2007 is totally different. OK, so it's in New Zealand and not in the Hebrides, but what is all the crap with a presenter? You don't have a presenter when you're castaway! And the presenter is an irritating cunt too. What's all the shit with setting tasks and voting people off the island? They've turned it into little better than a cheap gameshow. Oh BBC, what have you done? I'm not sure I'll bother to watch any more, except maybe to see if Ken gives Jonathan the thump he deserves. Don't get me wrong, Jonathan is a very practical man who seems to understand what needs to be done to survive; he's a do-er but he's got a right arrogant demeanour too. He needs to stop trying to assert himself and lead by example.

Gemma seemed a bit dim, and couldn't understand why losing their fresh water was a problem, asking "well can't we just refill it?" Oh yeah, of course! Why didn't anyone else think of that? Where from, you daft bint?

None of them seemed to have a clue about being economical when lighting fires - using up their one match almost straight away. They could have split the match into four, for a start. They could have used a friction method, blimey, even I can do that! At least they had the sense to light a candle to get the oven going. One bloke appeared to have a firesteel but didn't seem to know what to do with it.

Grrrr. I'm too tired to rant any more. Perhaps I should watch the next instalment - it would be a shame to waste such a valuable source of rant-fodder.


Oz said...

They are currently planning the next version. Castaways will have to learn various dance steps and will be then called to a diary room at random to bemoan the lack of Next shops.

Kat said...

Has anyone else noticed the strange similarities with Lost? They've got the ex-druggie and the jolly fat man for a start so hopefully it's only a matter of time before the polar bears come out of the jungle and start eating people - preferably the presenter and his white shoes first :o)