23 January 2007

999 Petition

I've been an avid reader of the wonderful Nee Naw Blog for a couple of years now, and I've just spotted a post about a new petition calling upon the Government to educate people about the proper use of the 999 emergency telephone number.

Go and sign it now, please, and then go and read about when not to call 999.

Nee Naw is an excellent source of information and still manages to be humourous in the right places.

Here's a few of my favourite links from Nee Naw:

Common Beliefs Held By The General Public about Calling 999

Hoaxes and Other Abuses of the 999 Service

The 10 Commandments of Dialling 999

101 Embarrassing Sexual Accidents (I nearly wet myself laughing at parts of this one. Am I a bad Womble?)


smurf said...

So what number do we use for non-emergencies?
You might know your local police station's phone number but what if you are away from home?
Perhaps we need a national non-emergency number, say 0800 999 999 or 0800 999 112.
112 being the alternative emergency number in the UK and it is also in use throughout Europe.

Oz said...

There is already a programme underway to develop a national non-emergency number (I attended a presentation on it 1-2 years ago). The technical infrastructure is being built, but it needs the cooperation of all players and that takes some time to achieve. 112 is the number of choice if I remember rightly.

Womble said...

Smurf - Oz is right, there is already a new national non-emergency - 101. OK, it's not totally national yet, but they're working on it.