10 November 2006

Just how shit is Orange Broadband?

Well, after making numerous complaints to Orange and having them ignore every single one, I took drastic action. I rang and obtained the MAC in order to transfer to another provider, and told them exactly why I was changing. After further complaints with no acknowledgement I thought 'Right, you buggers, I'm going to get your attention one way or another', so I cancelled the Direct Debit. Funnily enough, they rang me the very next day. Strange, that, innit?

Anyway, the girl was very nice, listened to all my complaints and said that as a gesture of goodwill, they would give us a free month's broadband. Great! or so I thought. Five days later, they cut us off. I have given up complaining now, because I am aware that Orange are completely and utterly useless and deserve to lose every bit of business they have. I hope they fold.

In the meantime, my new Internet connection should be sorted by Monday 20 November, so my apologies to anyone who e-mails me over the weekends because I won't be able to respond until I get back to work.


Jonnyfp said...

The wankers!!

Womble said...

Thank you to the kind person who posted the advert for Orange Broadband, which I have deleted.

I am fully aware of what services they offer, but I also know that they don't deliver what they say.

I cancelled my service with good reason, and my father is cancelling his, too, now, because he can't get a decent service either.

GaryTheScubaGuy said...

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Womble said...

Thanks Gary. I use www.thinkbroadband.com myself