22 November 2008

A matter of dedication

If Alistair Carmichael, MP for Orkney and Shetland, can manage to go back to his constituency almost every week, why can't Ruth Kelly be arsed to visit her Bolton constituency as often?

Mr. Carmichael has a 1,400 mile round trip each week by train, plane and sometimes by boat, whilst Ms. Kelly would only have to do 440.

I think it has something to do with dedication to your job, and an interest in the people you serve. Mr. Carmichael's constituents should be proud of him. He has the longest and most difficult journey home, but still manages it. Perhaps it's because he actually lives in Orkney, and not in London.

This BBC article is a very interesting insight into Mr. Carmichael's dedication to job. Read it and learn.


Seán said...

It always strikes me as odd that an MP would represent an area where they don't live. Obviously (and unlike Mr. Carmichael's case) it happens, but how can someone represent a community of which they are not a part?

Perhaps Mrs. Kelly doesn't like Bolton because people throw things at her.


Womble said...

Thing is, the rules state that an MP should own a home in their constituency or in a neighbouring constituency.

Just because someone owns a home doesn't mean they actually live in it.

countryboy said...

It's all down to "parachuting in" MPs into safe seat so that teycan be assured of a cabinet post or similar.

I'm so dreadfully sorry Womble that you have that awful woman as your local MP! Her patronising, droning voice sets my teeth on edge.