20 October 2008


I am full of snot, coughing my guts up and generally feeling quite poo.

I was feeling ill at the end of last week but, rather stupidly, overdid it at the weekend and now I'm paying the price.

Last night, I was running a very high temperature, yet still felt freezing cold. I was snuggled up with my hot water bottle, under my winter duvet, and still didn't feel warm.

A hot shower and a cup of cocoa helped a little and, rather surprisingly, I nodded off and slept for 14 hours. I woke up feeling like I've been punched in the head, but I'm not cold any more.

I am now wrapped up on the sofa, laptop on knee, cup of tea in hand and seriously considering going back to bed.


Seán said...

Definitely. Back to bed with you.

It's something I've been unable to do with having kids around and stuff to do, and I've still got lurgy two weeks later.

Look after yourself.


Lily the Pink said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Love n Lemsips