18 August 2008

Junk mail ... ?

Why does our office cleaner seem to think that my 'in' tray is a holding bay for junk?

Every day, I put the work I need to deal with into the 'in' tray. Logical, eh? So why is it that every morning when I sit at my desk, I have to clear out random objects such as coasters, used stamps, pens, scraps of paper, used envelopes and bulldog clips? Grrrrr. Maybe I should invest in an addition tray and mark it "Random Shite".

Even better, this morning, I found that my paper recycling box was full of tin cans and bits of plastic. Marvellous.

I just love spending the first 15 minutes of each day putting things back where they were the previous evening. You'd think that after 5 years, the cleaner would realise that I put stuff where I want it, and leave it there.


Oz said...

In our office, if you want random shite to stay where you put it and be certain that the cleaner won't touch it, you leave it on the floor. In fact, if you leave it under the desk, it'll probably be recovered by archaeologists in 2350.

Lily the Pink said...

Yeah, it was like that in the office I worked at too. I swear the same bit of fluff stayed in its spot on the floor just in front of my chair for all of the three years I was there!