14 November 2007

It's gone too far

I had to double-check the date today, to make sure it wasn't 1 April. I can't believe that the paranoia propagated by our Government has now gone as far as announcing that the bags of rail travellers are to be searched. Can you imagine the chaos that it will cause? The public transport system is already in meltdown, and now they want to make it even worse by causing unnecessary delays whilst they invade your privacy even further than they do now.

I resent being treated like a criminal. I have never, to the best of my knowledge, broken the law in my entire life, so why should I have to submit to being degraded in this manner? If they do insist on searching all bags at stations I will simply stop using public transport altogether and add to the congestion on the roads. As for congestion charging, if that's brought in, I just won't go to those areas where it is introduced. I don't need to go into the city centres.

Every time I read in the news about the latest 'insecurity measures' I can feel the bile rising. This country makes me sick. Day after day, we are shit upon from a great height, and we are expected to sit here and take it. I work my guts out to help people who need all sorts of problems resolving and are not able to do it themselves, and yet I can do absolutely nothing to help to preserve the sanity and freedom of ordinary people like me who are inconvenienced, accused and harrassed by the state, all for the sake of paranoia. I no longer have any confidence in this Government that I, to my shame, voted for and have worked for. I would love to be able to meet those responsible for these ludicrous ideas and plead with them to see how they are wrecking this fomerly wonderful country of ours. I weep for the hopelessness and helplessness of it all.

I hate the way this country has gone, and I really mean it. I have absolutely no patriotism left. I am sick and tired of the constant so-called 'anti-terrorism' measures which are absolutely nothing to do with terrorism at all, and everything to do with eroding the liberty of British subjects. This once-proud nation is now reduced to a police state, where the state can do whatever it wants and the ordinary law-abiding citizen is treated like dirt on the shoes of the powers that be.

The threat of terrorism is no worse now than it was 30 years ago, and the only thing that these latest announcements will do, is increase the resentment of ordinary people who just want to get on with their lives without unnecessary and unwanted interference from a bunch of overpaid people who appear to produce this rubbish in a misguided attempt to justify their salaries.

Please, stop this madness now!


Spikey said...

Bring back the days when this country had a backbone, when people would march in the streets for what they believed. I agree with all that you say.

Ferritt said...

So, thinking of emigrating then Womble? Take me with you.

countryboy said...

Though it makes saddening reading, I agree with each and every sentiment. Makes one wonder how much the Britsh public will take before saying enough's enough. Having said that, as long as there's plentiful supply of crap telly and junk food for the masses, I can't see it happening...

Anonymous said...

In the selling game...no
Charges ...no

Anonymous said...

Oh and under threat.. def.not!