30 June 2005

A pill for every ill?

OK, so a young lad brutally murders his parents and then buggers off with their credit card, spends a small fortune and then comes home as though nothing has happened. He gets found out and slung in jail, but his defence says "oh, but he's mentally ill, poor child; he's got narcissistic personality disorder".

Blimey! And there was me thinking he was just a spoilt brat with a bad temper and who thought too much of himself. God knows what would have happened if he'd had my granny - she'd have sorted him out PDQ.

Are we too quick to label people as mentally ill, instead of looking elsewhere for blame? I'm not saying the lad isn't mentally ill, I'm not a doctor, but it does surprise me just how many people are only given this label when they've done something really bad.